Facing the Stigma of Stuttering

Very insightful video into our world of stuttering.  Accompanying article More Than a Habit: Understanding the Mystery of Stuttering.


“From the outside, stuttering seems simple. The listener hears a disruption in speech like the repetition or extension of part of a word, or sees that the speaker is unable to speak for a short period. Many people experience stuttering as children, but most outgrow it.

From the inside, stuttering is vastly more complex. It is a condition that can have lasting effects…”

Stutter Social Introduction

Stutter Social connects people who stutter through group video chats. Google Hangouts is used for the video chats that has a limit of 10 participants, including the host. If the room is full, please keep trying as some people join and leave the discussion for short periods of time depending on their schedule. 

The Hangouts link will be posted to the Stutter Social Facebook page at the starting time of the scheduled chat.

My time slot will be the last Monday of each month starting tomorrow 24th June at 7:30pm Brisbane QLD time zone. 

Check out stuttersocial.com for more information. 

Stutter Social New Host

24th June, 7:30pm QLD time, Stutter Social video chat hosted by me! I’m excited to be a new host for the Stutter Social family! What is Stutter Social? As the name implies, it’s for people who stutter to be social and meet other people who stutter through a group video chat. I didn’t meet someone else who stutters until I was 28, so there is empowerment in knowing you’re not alone. Check out stuttersocial.com for more details.

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