What's in a name?

I am V

I am Vik

I am Vikesh

What’s your name again?  Can I call you V?  Can I call you Vik?

Having a name like Vikesh has caused me to repeat my name on many introductions throughout my life.  This is fair if someone has never met anyone with a similar sounding name.  Throughout my life, people have wanted to call me by a nickname, possibly to make it easier so they would not have to remember my full name.  I would always comply with the request, mainly because I was fearful in saying my name due to my stutter.

Most recently, however, with my fear having diminished of saying my name, and of stuttering overall, I now insist on Vikesh.  On my first day of work at a new job last year, my boss asked if he could call me V or Vik.  I responded politely that I would prefer Vikesh.  I was so happy with myself for finally having the courage to stick up for myself, or more importantly stick up for my name.