Acting classes


I recently took acting classes for the first time, ever.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, and honestly my fear of stuttering in the past is what held me back.  It was quite enjoyable and fun.  During the final class, the instructor spoke to each student individually just as an overall assessment.  My feedback was that I have no problem with confidence which is very good since many people do have that problem in these sorts of classes.  I explained that my confidence was recently discovered and that I did not grow up always feeling this bold.

I look at these drama masks, often used to represent acting in some way, as representing individuals masking their true identity to portray a particular person for the purposes of acting.  Even growing up, if I would pretend to talk in another person’s voice, such as a famous person, my speech would automatically be free of stutter.  This was even at times during my life when my speech and rate of blocks was fairly severe.

There are many mysteries of stuttering, and this is possibly one of them.  If we pretend to be someone other than our true selves, than our speech can become better, but perhaps for a temporary basis.  Then the question becomes, are you willing to not be true to yourself for this purpose.  I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.  Everyone stutters differently, and we each have our own experiences as a result of this.  Perhaps taking acting classes and being someone else for those short periods of time can help build our confidence to be accepting of who we really are.