Wearing sunglasses helped with confidence

As someone who grew up wearing glasses, I didn’t have the option to wear sunglasses initially. Only later in life when I changed to contact lenses did I discover sunglasses. Not only did they help protect my eyes from the sun, they helped my speech. 

Sunglasses have always fascinated me because people look like a different person when they have them on. Someone could look rugged, almost intimidating, with sunglasses on but when they take them off and you can look at their eyes, you see the true person behind the tinted glass. 

Perhaps this is why my speech improved while covering my true self with sunglasses. The listener could not see the fear in my eyes of having a stutter block. The listener could not see the increased blinking which would be a physical trick to try to get the words out. The listener would see a confident speaker, one who whose confidence came behind the vale of the tinted glass. 

Building confidence has been important for me to gain acceptance of my stutter. We can all try different things to gain confidence in oneself, whether it’s wearing sunglasses or exercising to get in better shape physically. Exercising is another topic for a future post. 

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