Early Years Summit

Thanks Kathy Brodie for having me as one of the 30 speakers on speech, language and communication at The Early Years Summit.  

Check out the full interview.

“I knew that the friends I had were pretty authentic…I look back and think back to the friends that really helped support me and protect me, both physically and verbally…they were a good core group of humans.”

Stuttering in School: Young Perspectives

Check out this stuttering awareness and educational film made by young people with a stutter in New Zealand as they share their experiences with the school environment.

Stuttering: Young Kiwis share their stories will take you on a journey with 11 young people (aged 9 to 18 years) to help you understand the unique experiences of young Kiwis who stutter. In this 15-minute film, they share their stories about stuttering both in and out of the school environment, to make the world an easier place for people who stutter. Educational, and sometimes emotional, this film will provide you with insights into the lives of people who stutter. The stories these generous young Kiwis share will help you to learn what you can do to support people who stutter. This film will be of particular value to teachers or others who care about people who stutter.

There is no limit

Stuttering related organisations around the world have signed a letter of congratulations to President Biden as the first US President who has a stutter.

Stuttering doesn’t mean we are any less intelligent, nervous or anxious. It just means that our words may take a little longer to get out so please be patient when you meet someone who has a stutter and wait for us to finish our thoughts.

The full joint letter

Dear Mr President 

Warm congratulations on your inauguration today from the stuttering community from across the globe. 

As someone with a stutter, your achievement stands testament to the fact that having a stutter is no reflection upon brains or talent.  This is an empowering message for young people who stutter here, and in every continent around the world, and a powerful message to all those who don’t stutter. Stuttering should be no bar to success.     

You stutter. We stutter. It’s how we talk.

When I Stutter Movie Free Virtual Screening

The Australian Speak Easy Association presents a free virtual screening of the movie When I Stutter (family friendly version) with a live Q&A session with Director John Gomez after the film.

“Stuttering can have a profound emotional impact on one’s life. In making WHEN I STUTTER, I was astounded by the honesty and candor with which the interviewees express themselves. From the depths of hopelessness to the heights of redemption, these stories will change how you view stuttering.”

John Gomez – Director, WHEN I STUTTER

6 February 2021

8pm Queensland, Australia time zone

Limited to the first 100 people

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Zoom will be used for the video call but an account is not required to join.

Stuttering Employer Awareness: Brisbane City Council

Thank you Brisbane City Council for the opportunity to educate your recruitment team about stuttering.  

  • Brisbane City Council is one of the largest local governments in the Asia Pacific region with over 8000 employees.
  • Delivered an information session where I shared my lived experiences with stuttering with the recruitment team as well as discussed the best way for them to support people who stutter (and overall communication differences) during the interview process.
  • Took part in a video interview and provided feedback on how to make the process more suitable to people who stutter; for example adjusting the allocated time per question so that disfluencies in speech are not disadvantaged in the video interview.
  • Provided a virtual screening of the documentary film When I Stutter which shares the lives of 19 people who stutter over the course of 4.5 years and how it has impacted their lives.

If your organisation is interested in learning more about stuttering, please get in touch at president@speakeasy.org.au.