Stutter Social New Host

24th June, 7:30pm QLD time, Stutter Social video chat hosted by me! I’m excited to be a new host for the Stutter Social family! What is Stutter Social? As the name implies, it’s for people who stutter to be social and meet other people who stutter through a group video chat. I didn’t meet someone else who stutters until I was 28, so there is empowerment in knowing you’re not alone. Check out for more details.

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Fear of what?

Yes I stutter sometimes. Yes I may stutter more sometimes. Yes I may stutter less sometimes. No I didn’t forget my name. No I’m not lying. No I’m not any less intelligent. No I’m not unsure of what I’m saying. No you don’t get to judge me because of the way my words come out. Forget the fear. Educate the world.

If only I had that fluency

How many of us are always looking for that one more thing, whether it be material or overcoming something such as stuttering?

If only I had that fluency, I would…

If only I can overcome my stutter, I would…

Acceptance of what we have (such as stuttering) can lead to happiness with who we are. I don’t love or hate my stutter, it is what it is. I just want to talk and be heard for what I say, not how I say it.