Before We Begin

Audio transcript

Before we begin, I need to quickly inform you or sort of address the elephant in the room.  It’s not you with the accent, I have the accent.  I have an American and Canadian accent so I’m dual citizen but I have a third accent that a lot of people are unaware of and sort of have a funny look is that I also have a stutter.  If you hear me hesitate, I appreciate your willingness to not fall for the stereotypes that I’m nervous, I talk too fast, I’m unsure or I’m lying because it’s none of those things.  I just like to make people aware because there are these stereotypes in the world about people who stutter.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends

This sign is from my local coffee shop and reminds me of how I feel at stuttering related events such as a conference, local meetup or online Stutter Social video chat. People from all walks of life attend these types of gatherings but our common bond of stuttering is what unites us all and builds our community.

The Many Faces of Stuttering

The goal of this project is to create a compilation video showing the different faces and languages of our global community of people who have a stutter.

The final video will be shared across social media on International Stuttering Awareness Day, 22 October 2018.

Please visit the following page for additional details, submission guidelines and instructions.

Stuttering can affect your clothes

Stuttering can affect more than communication. I would have avoided wearing a shirt like this caffeine molecule shirt out of fear.

Fear of what?

Fear of a conversation

Fear of stuttering

Fear of judgement if I stuttered

Fear of what people think

Yes this stuttering thing can impact a lot more than trying to place my coffee order. It can affect the way I dress. Crazy I know but reality for some.

Forget the fear!

I love to talk

I might stutter, so what?

Opportunity to educate the listener

Nah, don’t bother with this anymore

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