Speaker Bio

Vikesh Anand is the National President of the Australian Speak Easy Association, Australia’s peak body supporting people who stutter.  He has grown up with a stutter all of his life and shares his experiences with anyone who will listen, with the understanding that his words may take a little more time to come out.  Building confidence in himself has allowed Vikesh to reach a level of acceptance where he is free to say what he wants to say, when he wants to say it, regardless of how the words come out.  Vikesh’s passion is evident the moment he walks into a room.  

Vikesh has lived in four countries, being born in India, grown up in the United States, imported into Canada and most recently moved down under to Australia.  He manages technology at a primary school in Brisbane and enjoys cycling while stopping for a coffee on the Goodwill Bridge.

Speaking Engagements

  • Bundaberg South State School, Bundaberg, Australia, 2020
  • ABC Radio National, Australia, 2020
  • Cooee Speech Pathology, Brisbane, Australia, 2019
  • Speech Pathology Australia QLD AGM, Brisbane, Australia, 2019
  • ABC 612 Radio, Brisbane, Australia, 2019
  • Maroochydore State School, Maroochydore, Australia, 2019
  • Australian Speak Easy Association Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2019
  • National Stuttering Association Conference, Ft Lauderdale, USA, 2019
  • Speech Pathology Australia Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2019
  • Australian Speak Easy Association Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2018
  • Australian Speak Easy Association Conference, Perth, Australia, 2017
  • National Stuttering Association Conference, Atlanta, USA, 2016