Something about a haircut makes me feel refreshed and happy. Growing up, I never opted for a hairstyle that was not just traditional and (no offence) boring. As I began to accept myself (stuttering and the rest of me) I started going beyond the norm for haircuts. My hair has had a good life, been long, short and yes even had highlights. Getting a fade with a line is just something I’m enjoying at the moment and while some may see it as a bold or crazy haircut, I just see it as another cut. I don’t need to worry about what people will think about it because I like it and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? We go through life worrying about other people’s opinions, but yours is the one that matters the most.


Interesting insights into the power of self help organisations and the feelings of someone who stutters.

Four key points:

The psychological toll is very real

Being silent does not mean we do not have a voice

Stuttering makes us very compassionate, thoughtful, and reflective people

Acceptance does not mean we should not fight every day to improve

Don't give it any attention


I was speaking with a friend recently and he asked about how my speech performed at a recent meeting.  Without thinking about my response, I blurted out

I don’t know if I stuttered or not, I wasn’t paying attention

The more attention, or maybe even importance, I have given my stuttering in the past, the more unhappy I was with my speaking situations.  Now that I don’t even give it any attention, my focus has shifted to just wanting to say what I want to say, when I want to say it, regardless of the percentage of fluent words uttered.

ACCEPTANCE – what does it mean to you?


I will be asking people to share their views and experiences on what acceptance means to them.

Stuttering behaviour exists and for as long as I can remember each day I willed it away and hoped it would disappear – it didn’t and it won’t. So did I give up? It’s not about giving up it’s about being honest – what does it matter if I stutter, really? It has no meaning or impact on my life unless I give it the power. To me, acceptance means I have a tendency to stutter, it’ll happen, it can mean everything or nothing. It can impact a lot or not at all. The choice is mine, I choose to let it go and live my best life.  – Rob Woolley