Fear of what?

Yes I stutter sometimes. Yes I may stutter more sometimes. Yes I may stutter less sometimes. No I didn’t forget my name. No I’m not lying. No I’m not any less intelligent. No I’m not unsure of what I’m saying. No you don’t get to judge me because of the way my words come out. Forget the fear. Educate the world.

If only I had that fluency

How many of us are always looking for that one more thing, whether it be material or overcoming something such as stuttering?

If only I had that fluency, I would…

If only I can overcome my stutter, I would…

Acceptance of what we have (such as stuttering) can lead to happiness with who we are. I don’t love or hate my stutter, it is what it is. I just want to talk and be heard for what I say, not how I say it.

Build confidence when you’re young

There’s something about being around people like you. The bond that we have is our own sort of family, or as some would say Stamily (stuttering family). At the Australian Speak Easy Association Conference last weekend, I got to meet Sian (and her mom Azelene) and wow to be that young with that level of confidence is inspiring! In her presentation, Sian said why do we wait until we’re adults to build confidence in ourselves. Why don’t we start when we’re kids. She stutters and smiles, all at the same time! We have an opportunity to help so many more kids who stutter get confident!

The New ASEA National President

I am honoured and excited to be the new National President for the Australian Speak Easy Association. I look forward to serving the stuttering community by collaborating with professionals in the field, getting more kids who stutter and their families involved and continuing to educate the public (especially employers) to debunk the myths about stuttering.