Build confidence when you’re young

There’s something about being around people like you. The bond that we have is our own sort of family, or as some would say Stamily (stuttering family). At the Australian Speak Easy Association Conference last weekend, I got to meet Sian (and her mom Azelene) and wow to be that young with that level of confidence is inspiring! In her presentation, Sian said why do we wait until we’re adults to build confidence in ourselves. Why don’t we start when we’re kids. She stutters and smiles, all at the same time! We have an opportunity to help so many more kids who stutter get confident!

The New ASEA National President

I am honoured and excited to be the new National President for the Australian Speak Easy Association. I look forward to serving the stuttering community by collaborating with professionals in the field, getting more kids who stutter and their families involved and continuing to educate the public (especially employers) to debunk the myths about stuttering.

ISAD 2018


The International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) Online Conference is a place where you can read amazing papers from presenters from all over the world, watch inspiring videos, discuss with top notch professionals and read what’s going on around the world.

The online conference is also interactive! Between 1-22 October the presenters and professionals will read and comment to your comments and questions. The online conference is not only another meeting place for people who stutter (PWS), but also a wealth of information to clinicians and students, relatives, employers, teachers and others with an interest in stuttering. So join in and spread the word! #ISAD2018.

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