The Many Faces of Stuttering

Video example

Hello and thank you for your interest in The Many Faces of Stuttering project. The goal is to create a compilation video showing the different faces and languages of our global community of people who have a stutter.

The final video will be shared across social media on International Stuttering Awareness Day, 22 October 2018.

Video submission guidelines:

Horizontal video

No light source behind you (such as a window or the sun) so that your face is visible

If you’re holding your mobile phone for the recording, don’t cover the microphone and check the audio quality before submission

All languages welcome

Record a video of yourself (or a group) with one of the following statements (no other information required in the video)

I have a stutter

I am a person who stutters

I am a person with a stutter

We have a stutter

We are people who stutter

We are people with a stutter

Deadline 11 October 2018

Depending on the number of submissions received, your video might not show up in the final video, sorry! I will attempt to merge as many videos as possible and might (not sure yet) make two final videos, one shorter one and a longer one with all submissions which have met the above guidelines.

The upload link below will use Dropbox but you do not need to have a Dropbox account to upload your video.

Click here for upload link